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Call for Papers – 2nd Workshop on Accountability and Liability for 5G and Beyond

The Call for Papers for the 2nd Workshop on Accountability and Liability for 5G and Beyond, WALT5G+ 2022, is open for submissions. Topical areas of interest include complex system management, […] 
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White Paper – Evolution of 5G Cyber Threats and Security Solutions

INSPIRE-5Gplus has published a white paper which addresses the current cybersecurity threat landscape and the latest achievements and security trends that will enable automated security processes in beyond 5G networks. […] 
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Figure 1: MMT-Probe

Novel authentication solution for shared objects developed in INSPIRE-5Gplus

INSPIRE-5Gplus partners Montimage and Tages have developed a novel authentication solution for shared objects, which addresses a critical security challenge – the need to authenticate shared objects before loading them. […] 
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App layer DDOS self-protection framework - INSPIRE-5Gplus

5G security new breed of enablers – INSPIRE-5Gplus deliverable D3.3

INSPIRE-5Gplus deliverable D3.3 – 5G security new breed of enablers – presents the set of AI/ML driven enablers developed by the INSPIRE-5Gplus project. INSPIRE-5Gplus has focused on main security use […] 
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UMU team - INSPIRE-5Gplus

INSPIRE-5Gplus article in Spanish national newspaper El Mundo

An interview with team members from INSPIRE-5Gplus partner University of Murcia was published in the Spanish national newspaper El Mundo on 3rd March 2022. In this article, the principal aims […] 
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Cyber-Security - INSPIRE-5Gplus

SecSoft Cyber-Security Workshop 2022

The 4th International Workshop on Cyber-Security in Software-defined and Virtualized Infrastructures (SecSoft) on 1st July 2022 is a joint initiative by the Horizon 2020 EU projects GUARD, RAINBOW, SIMARGL, PALANTIR, […] 
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