Doctoral Course “Advanced Network Security in 5G and B5G” organized by UOULU, ZHAW and NCSRD in June, 2022

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                                       Participants for the doctoral course “Advanced Network Security in 5G and Beyond”


INSPIRE-5Gplus partners UOULU, ZHAW and NCSRD organized a doctoral course on Advanced Network Security in 5G and B5G. The same was hosted at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland from 1st to 3rd of June, 2022. The course witnessed more than 15 post-graduate students as participants. The course was designed, managed and conducted by Dr. Pawani Porambage at UOULU, Dr. Gürkan Gür from ZHAW InIT, Ms. Maria Christopoulus and Mr.  Georgios Xylouris from NCSRD.  This collaboration brought interesting lectures and the interactive lab sessions. The course spread over three days, starting with Day 1 on Fundamentals of 5G and Beyond 5G Security; Day 2  was more towards hands-on experience for Network Slicing technology with remote access to NCSRD 5G testbed; Day 3 was focused on Intelligent security enablers for 5G and B5G. This course aimed to provide intense tutorial experience and a platform for exchange between graduate students and researchers on key topics e.g  smart security in 5G and future wireless networks. Further, during the course the latest results from INSPIRE-5Gplus were presented, that included advance topics like the INSPIRE-5Gplus Security HLA and some AI/ML security enablers (particularly, MOTDEC and OptSFC). The event was quite a success with learning and future collaboration opportunities.


Further information:

Course web page:,5G%20and%20future%20wireless%20networks.



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