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An interview with team members from INSPIRE-5Gplus partner University of Murcia was published in the Spanish national newspaper El Mundo on 3rd March 2022. In this article, the principal aims of INSPIRE-5Gplus are discussed as well as their implications for the further development of 5G and beyond systems.

UMU team - INSPIRE-5Gplus

Part of the INSPIRE-5Gplus team at the University of Murcia

The interview focused on present and future cybersecurity concerns in 5G architectures and how the INSPIRE-5Gplus consortium is putting great efforts to tackle them. Moreover, the interview  highlights the links of INSPIRE-5Gplus with other ongoing projects towards facing the challenges posed by the next generation of cellular infrastructures, from both network management and security perspectives. Finally, specific vertical scenarios such as Smart Cities or the Internet of Things are discussed as key application environments where cybersecurity is of prominent importance to protect users, devices, and the network architecture.

Article about INSPIRE-5Gplus in El Mundo, 3rd March 2022

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