INSPIRE-5Gplus deliverable on 5G security test cases

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The latest INSPIRE-5Gplus deliverable D5.1 on “5G security test cases”, published on 4th November, presents the set of test cases selected for validation in the INSPIRE-5Gplus project. This set of test cases was selected by performing an exhaustive requirements elicitation of 5G security use cases defined by INSPIRE-5Gplus in WP2, stemming from the new and enhanced 5G security and trust/liability assets developed in WP3 and WP4. Herein, we perform an initial description on the requirements, key performance indicators and relationship of the test cases to the high-level architecture being developed in WP2. The deliverable also presents the capabilities and enhancements required for the envisioned testing environment for the integration and experimentation of the 5G security test cases.

INSPIRE-5Gplus deliverable D5.1: 5G security test cases (pdf)

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