INSPIRE-5Gplus participates in ETSI ZSM Proof of Concepts

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Recently, the INSPIRE-5Gplus project has been accepted by the ETSI ZSM (Zero-touch network and Service Management) standardization group, for carrying out a proof of concept (PoC), based on the INSPIRE-5Gplus architecture and solutions.

It is named as “PoC #6: Security SLA assurance in 5G network slices”.  This PoC shows how a predefined set of security SLAs (Service Level Agreements) associated with a network slide are implemented. It also exhibits security closed-loop automation, that is how the network can react and maintain the expected level of security, in the cases of security breaches.

During the next months, INSPIRE-5Gplus partners will work on the implementation of this proof of concept. It is expected that the enablers will be developed in INSPIRE-5Gplus and their integration through the architecture based on the ETSI ZSM principles will serve as a demonstration of the future security management capabilities for Beyond 5G networks.

A public demonstration is also scheduled, in the incoming ETSI Security Conference 2022 held on 3-5 October on ETSI headquarters.

                                                                                             Architecture for ETSI ZSM PoC:

Further information:




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