INSPIRE-5Gplus presentation at ETSI ISG ZSM plenary meeting

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TID -  ETSI ZSMINSPIRE-5Gplus partner Telefonica I+D participated in the ETSI ISG ZSM (Zero touch network & Service Management) plenary meeting ZSM#14-e on 11th January 2021. In the session, TID had the opportunity to share with the ZSM delegates the vision of the INSPIRE-5GPlus project, including objectives, architecture and use cases.

The strong alignment of the INSPIRE-5GPlus system with ZSM architecture principles and services opens up new standardization opportunities, based on a closed collaboration between INSPIRE-5GPlus and ETSI ISG ZSM. Examples of opportunities that were discussed during and after the meeting include contributions to existing security related work items (ZSM-010) or the creation of new ones, focused on the multi-dimensional security management aspects that are being developed in the INSPIRE-5GPlus project.

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