INSPIRE-5Gplus presentation at RENIC conference on 5G cybersecurity

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RENIC, the Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research, organised a conference on “5G Cybersecurity: Initiatives and Challenges”, which took place as a virtual event on 20th April. RENIC is a sectoral association that compromises different research centres in Spain around the cybersecurity area. It is a meeting point to promote innovation in cybersecurity at national and international level with connections to ECSO.

At the conference, INSPIRE-5Gplus partner Telefónica presented the main security challenges and upcoming technologies in the area of 5G. Patricia Diez and Antonio Pastor from Telefónica introduced the INSPIRE-5Gplus architecture as the reference management framework for integrating different cybersecurity tools for 5G. In addition to the INSPIRE-5Gplus high-level architecture, they also presented some use cases, including the related security enablers.

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RENIC Conference on “5G Cybersecurity: Initiatives and Challenges”

INSPIRE-5Gplus Presentation

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