INSPIRE-5Gplus presents at the ETSI Security Conference 2022

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INSPIRE-5Gplus presented relevant results of its activity at the ETSI Security Conference 2022 held at ETSI headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis. The project was depicted in the security research session in the third day to foster collaboration with other EU security research topics, where INSPIRE-5Gplus partners TID and TAGES gave a vision of the high-level architecture solution, the security enablers developed, and the three main demonstrators implemented.

Also, the progress made by UMU, TID, MI, CTTC, THALES and EURESCOM, on an integrated and functional INSPIRE-5Gplus architecture has allowed to show the adoption of the ETSI ZSM reference framework through the public demonstration of the the PoC #6: Security SLA assurance in 5G network slices. The proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstration integrated several of the INSPIRE-5Gplus enablers through a common integration fabric to keep the level of Security SLA requested in a network slice over a 5G connectivity. The demonstration was shown during the 3 days conference in a dedicated booth.

Keywords: Conference, Project, Architecture,Security,Future Networks,5G connectivity

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