INSPIRE-5Gplus slice protection use case presented at EuCNC & 6G Summit

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INSPIRE-5Gplus poster presentation EuCNC 2021

INSPIRE-5Gplus presentation at the Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit

At the 2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit, INSPIRE-5Gplus partners National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos (NCSRD) and Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) made a virtual presentation on “AI-Enabled Slice Protection Exploiting Moving Target Defense in 6G Networks”. The INSPIRE-5Gplus paper describes a use case for the proactive and reactive defense of end-to-end network slices that relies on AI-based attack detection by applying Moving Target Defense (MTD) policies based on an innovative framework. The use case is part of ongoing collaborative work between INSPIRE-5Gplus partners ZHAW, NCSRD and Montimage (MI).

The paper was presented on 10th June in the Poster B session by Maria Christopoulou (NCSRD) and Wissem Soussi (ZHAW & University of Zurich). Further authors of the paper are George Xilouris (NCSRD), Gürkan Gür (ZHAW), Edgardo Montes de Oca (MI), Harilaos Koumaras (NCSRD), and Burkhard Stiller (University of Zurich).

INSPIRE-5Gplus MTD architecture

Moving Target Defense Security Framework Architecture

The objective of the presented use case is the protection of network slices through proactive and reactive security mechanisms. One aspect includes the collection and joint analysis of heterogeneous data from multiple points of the 5G infrastructure for integrated monitoring, with specific focus on detecting and classifying anomalies associated with security incidents. Another aspect is the provision of a cognitive MTD system, which dynamically reconfigure parts of the infrastructure, mitigating occurring attacks and increasing the attacker’s effort for gathering reconnaissance data.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) support in 5G is already being further exploited, rendering AI a key enabler for providing automated network management and orchestration, while improving the network resilience against potential threat actors. Therefore, as the authors of the paper conclude, it is crucial to investigate smart security schemes in Beyond 5G networks.

Further information

2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit, Poster B session

INSPIRE-5Gplus paper “AI-Enabled Slice Protection Exploiting Moving Target Defense in 6G Networks”

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