INSPIRE5G-plus recognized for its innovative contribution by European Commission

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The European Commission through its European Commission Innovation Radar team has identified two innovative ideas developed and presented under the scope of the INSPIRE5G-plus project by the CTTC team.



The work builds on the “Blockchain-based Management of Certified Network Slices” idea which is aimed to study the possibility to evolve the Management of Network Slices by implementing a system in which only certified Network Slice elements would be accepted in a distribution-based system using  Blockchain.

Detailed information about the innovation available at:



Whilst, the “Vehicle authentication enhanced with misbehavior detection” innovation aims to: i) enhance  authentication efficiency in highly dense vehicular scenarios with the use of probabilistic data signatures which keep the end-to-end latency and false positive rate at controllable levels; ii) identify (detect and localize) vehicular misbehavior in real-time through the exploitation of spatiotemporal data (e.g., vehicle’s position, speed, acceleration, heading angle) cross-correlations and  extraction of the underlying vehicle dynamics in a mobility model-agnostic manner.

Detailed information about the innovation available at:


Keywords: innovation item, blockchain, network slices, vehicular authentication, misbehavior detection, reinforcement learning


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