INSPIRE-5Gplus enablers highlight the new capacities of security commitments

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The Orange « Salon de la Recherche et de l’Innovation » was held the 18 to 20 of October in Chatillon (92 – France). During this event the INSPIRE-5Gplus project was presented in a dedicated room with a total of 5 enablers.  The aim was to explain and exhibit an integrated demonstration over a Kubernetes infrastructure. INSPIRE5Gplus enablers highlighted the new capacities of security commitments, delegations and control over 5G infrastructure for Verticals. The INSPIRE5GPlus enablers presented were : Deep Attestation, LASM, MANIFEST, Orchestration under Constraints (optimization placement for 5G slices isolation) and SYSTEMIC.

Keywords: 5G network technology, 5Gmethods and scenarios,sustainable 5G, Hyperconnectivity

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