Keynote about INSPIRE-5Gplus architecture by Prof. Antonio Skarmeta at MobiSec 2021

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MobiSec 2021 - INSPIRE-5Gplus keynote

Keynote by Prof. Antonio Skarmeta at MobiSec 2021

Prof. Antonio Skarmeta from INSPIRE-5Gplus partner University of Murcia gave a keynote speech at the 5th International Symposium on Mobile Internet Security (MobiSec 2021), which took place on 7-9 October 2021. The title of his keynote on 8th October was: “AI technologies and advanced security for connected devices in next generation networks”.

In his keynote, Prof. Skarmeta analysed the emergence of IoT devices and 5G in our daily lives and how they bring new data-driven and increasingly autonomous scenarios. He envisaged new possibilities of highly distributed processing capacities from IoT-Edge-Cloud in a continuum. New services require efficient and effective management of computing and network resources, which means to deal with huge amounts of data and at different levels of the future next-generation infrastructure. In this context, he emphasized the need for configuration, architecture and coordination of processing nodes at different levels, which has an impact on the security of the 5G infrastructure, but also for the new data processing. In his talk, he presented several areas of intelligent management and AI and security procedures to support heterogenous processing infrastructures in 5G and beyond 5G networks based on the results of some EU project.

MobiSec 2021 was organised by the Research Group on 5G Security at KIISC, the Korean Institute of Information Security and Cryptology. The event brought together an international audience of experts from academia and industry to exchange ideas and explore new research directions for addressing the challenges in mobile Internet security.

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