Open-source created or extended during the H2020 INSPIRE-5Gplus project

 Below list shows the Open Source developments created or extended in the scope of the INSPIRE-5Gplus project, in alphabetical order:


CTTC (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya)

Vehicle Authentication with Misbehaviour Detection: Implementation of a vehicle authentication method based on cuckoo filter and a misbehaviour detection method for accurate identification of various insider attacks based on VeReMi open-source dataset.



DiscØvery: network security analysis tool for IoT and 5G systems and networks.



  • MMT-Probes: tool for capturing and analysing structured information (rule, statistical and machine learning-based analysis)
  • MMT-Operator: web application for managing probes, visualising statistics/alerts and managing reactions.
  • 5greplay: tool for replaying modified 5G network traffic for performing pentesting and mutation testing of critical 5G components.


NCSRD (National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”)

Katana Slice Manager: centralized software component that provides an interface for creating, modifying, monitoring, and deleting slices.


Orange (Orange France and Poland)

Deep attestation: enabler to prove in a virtualized infrastructure that a given VM is running on top of a designated hypervisor running on top of a specific hardware node (which has a root of trust).

Internet-Friendly Cryptographic Relay-Detection Protocol (ICRP) prototype to detect if a communication has been hijacked.


TID (Telefonica)

Ordered Proof of Transit (OPoT): tool for verifying that a given network packet has passed through certain nodes and in a given order.


UMU (University of Murcia)

Plugin environment generator for developers: software that allows auto-generating an INSPIRE-5Gplus plugin development environment.

Integration Fabric: configuration files examples and tests to use k8s + istio + kafka as ZSM integration fabric instantiation inside the INSPIRE-5GPlus H2020 European Project. it also provides examples for deploying control plane services as part of the control plane of the Security Management Domain (SMD) inside the k8s that will use integration fabric capabilities.


ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

TopoFuzzer: Network gateway tool for seamless redirection of live connections to new server locations. It enables Moving Target Defense (MTD) security with a middle virtual network to disrupt network reconnaissance attacks.

Graph-Based Liability Analysis Framework (GRALAF): Network monitoring tool performing near-real time anomaly detection and root cause analysis (RCA) in a microservices environment. It tracks system metrics and compares them with the given Service Level Agreement (SLA) data from TRAILS (sTakeholder Responsibility, AccountabIity and Liability deScriptor).

Microservices Dynamic Trust Monitoring (MicroDTM):  a Dynamic Trust Monitoring (DTM) tool that supervises the trustworthiness of containerized services in an NFV infrastructure.

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