ZSM Forum - INSPIRE-5Gplus HLA

INSPIRE-5Gplus High-Level Architecture presented at ETSI ZSM Forum

The INSPIRE-5Gplus framework High-Level Architecture (HLA) was presented at the 6th ETSI ZSM Forum on 12th April 2021. The virtual event was part of LAYER123 Europe 2021: 360° Network Automation Congress. This year the congress focused on the commerciality of network automation and how other technologies can benefit from... 
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INSPIRE-5Gplus framework design

INSPIRE-5Gplus developments published in top-ranked journal

The INSPIRE-5Gplus-related paper entitled “Distributed real-time SlowDoS attacks detection over encrypted traffic using Artificial Intelligence” has been recently published in the prestigious Elsevier’s Journal of Network and Computer Applications. This research focuses on Slow Denial of Service (SlowDos) attacks, which exploit slow transmissions on application-level protocols like HTTP to... 
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INSPIRE-5Gplus presentation at ETSI ISG ZSM plenary meeting

INSPIRE-5Gplus partner Telefonica I+D participated in the ETSI ISG ZSM (Zero touch network & Service Management) plenary meeting ZSM#14-e on 11th January 2021. In the session, TID had the opportunity to share with the ZSM delegates the vision of the INSPIRE-5GPlus project, including objectives, architecture and use cases. The... 
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5G Rescue

5G Rescue use case among best Spanish AI initiatives

The 5G Rescue use case, which is based on research done in INSPIRE-5Gplus, has been selected as one of the ten winning proposals in the contest for the “Best Artificial Intelligence initiatives with social and ethical impact in Spain”. The contest is supported by Telefónica, OdiseIA, and the “Compromiso... 
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INSPIRE-5Gplus White Paper

White Paper on Intelligent Security Architecture for 5G and Beyond Networks

INSPIRE-5Gplus has published a White Paper on “Intelligent Security Architecture for 5G and Beyond Networks” (November 2020). The White Paper introduces the overall INSPIRE-5Gplus framework’s High-Level Architecture, its main functional blocks and their role in enabling intelligent closed-loop security operations. To illustrate how the INSPIRE-5Gplus framework can be applied... 
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IETF Internet-Draft EDHOC Authentication

IETF Internet-Draft on EDHOC authentication presented

On 20th November, a team from INSPIRE-5Gplus partner University of Murcia presented an IETF Internet-Draft on “AAA-based assisted EDHOC Authentication” at a meeting of the IETF Working Group on EAP Method Update (EMU). The draft is related to the authentication process of IoT end devices in the 5G architecture.... 
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