The Role of Blockchain in 6G – Paper at 6G Wireless Summit

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INSPIRE-5Gplus partner Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) contributed via a paper to the 2nd 6G Wireless Summit on 17-19 March 2020, which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was this year held as a virtual event, and not in Levi, Finland as originally planned.

Gürkan Gür from ZHAW School of Engineering co-authored the paper with the title “The Role of Blockchain in 6G: Challenges, Opportunities and Research Directions”. It was presented online by co-author Tharaka Mawanane Hewa from the University of Oulu, Finland on 17 March.

The presented work elaborates on blockchains and their role in 6G networks. With the emergence of the intelligent information era, the world is going through a fundamental transformation, as changes in the key domains linked with human life such as healthcare, transport, entertainment, and smart cities are expected to elevate the quality of service with high-end user experience.  Therefore, the telecommunication infrastructure has to meet unprecedented service level requirements such as ultra-high data rates and traffic volume for prominent future applications, e.g., Virtual Reality (VR), holographic communications, and massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC).

There are significant challenges identifiable in the communication context to match the envisaged demand surge. The blockchain and distributed ledger technology is one of the most disruptive technology enablers to address most of the current limitations and facilitate the functional standards of 6G. In that work, the role of blockchain to address formidable challenges in 6G, future application opportunities and potential research directions are discussed.


Hewa, G. Gür, A. Kalla, M. Ylianttila, A. Bracken and M. Liyanage, “The Role of Blockchain in 6G: Challenges, Opportunities and Research Directions,” 2020 2nd 6G Wireless Summit (6G SUMMIT), Levi, Finland, 2020, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/6GSUMMIT49458.2020.9083784.

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