Two INSPIRE-5Gplus partners featured in NetWorld 2020 SME brochure

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5G SME brochure cover

NetWorld 2020 brochure ‘European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond’

The SME Working Group of NetWorld 2020 recently published the third edition of its SME brochure – title: ‘European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond’. The brochure features 49 SMEs involved in European research projects on 5G and Beyond.

Two of the SMEs presented in the brochure are consortium partners of the INSPIRE-5Gplus project – Montimage and TAGES SOLIDSHIELD.


Montimage is a French SME specialised in the development of techniques and tools for security and performance analysis and management of 4G/5G/IoT networks using real-time monitoring and cyberprotection techniques. It provides flexible Security and Monitoring as a Service adapted for SDN/NFV-based dynamic environments. In addition to being a partner in INSPIRE-5Gplus, Montimage is also one of five SME representatives in the NetWorld2020 Steering Board.


TAGES SOLIDSHIELD, which is also located in France, is focused on protecting software against confidentiality and integrity attacks involving reverse engineering tampering. The company is active in sectors like entertainment (DRM), defence and telecoms and brings tailored turnkey solutions to each sector. Its solution for the telecoms industry can be automatically applied, without any programming required and does not drop the performance of the protected network function.

SME brochure ‘European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond’ for download (pdf)
Montimage is featured on page 34 and TAGES SOLIDSHIELD on page 45.

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